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QuickBooks Features

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Feature of QuickBooks

Latest and upgraded features of QuickBooks Desktop can uplift your business to grow and earn more. To make your business grow smoothly, the most simplest and enhanced feature of QuickBooks are as follows:

Automated Reminders of Payments

If at all you are spending a lot of time in following up on accounts receivable, payment reminders it automatically is the sorest part by identifying overdue invoices & composing emails.

You can schedules, review and send payment reminders to your customers for their due/overdue invoices.

Automatically add customer PO number to Invoice emails

If you are working with customers who don’t want to link purchase orders to their invoices, by this availability of features of QuickBooks you can make your life smoother for them by just adding their PO number as the first thing so they will be able to see in the subject of invoice email.

Combine multiple emails

You can improvise the technique of sending multiple emails to customer by combining all invoices which is made for a single customer into a single email by selecting a box.

Company File search

You can easily search and open your company files with the addition of option of file search on the No company open screen.

Easy to set admin password

Admin Password of Company File can now be easily reset without requiring typing a long list of information to verify your identity. You just have to pick your email from a drop down menu list of emails registered with your QuickBooks and type the token you’ll get to reset your Admin password.

Extendable Accessibility

Now, there are huge extendable features available in QuickBooks Desktop. It also improvises the visibility for challenged users on bills, Invoices and check screens.

Payroll status for direct deposit enabled customers

Be very much sure of your payroll run by seeing the detailed status of direct deposit payroll run without concerning about checking emails or calling support.

Smart Help

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