Refund Policy

Service Membership

Suppose you are not satisfied then you have the right to claim for refunding your money within 15 days of purchase of the product. You will not be refunded after passing specified days.

Support and development service

You can take your money back for paid support and development services for 15 days after purchase date only if support points/development hours from this purchase were spent for a provision of support or development services.


To get your refund amount, you can submit your request to Moreover, you can place a call on the toll-free number 1-877-947-9177.

Reasons to claim for refund

If you did not like the product and services.

Due to a delay of our services or you could not receive the product in time.

If you are not satisfied with overall services and product.

Or if some other issue arises

How we check your validity

Before taking any action on your request submitted. You need to ascertain that you are sending us a sound logic reason to refund your amount. As a revert mail, you will get an acknowledgment from our company mentioning whether your logic was valid or invalid. In a case of an invalid reason, we will be unable to provide your refund amount.

What we do after validity check

You need to contact the help desk team to seek correction. We make a note on every issue to fix your problem within specified time. If you don’t find any valid reason we will inform you as soon as possible.

In case we could not fix your problem we will refund your full amount.

In case we could not fix your problem we will refund your full amount.